the British Library

It's been a while since I've posted. I write this as I sit in the British Library, playing YouTube videos while people around me are doing Real Work and Research. London is really, really beautiful. So was Amsterdam, and so was Vienna, and Oxford. All in different ways, each city with its own vibe - … Continue reading the British Library

short ramble

[honestly this is just something from a while ago that I never posted and I don't think I'd go back to it and edit in the future, so here goes even though it's really short and not completely coherent] {Oct 13, 2018} I saw Yong Yi yesterday unexpectedly (and didn't realize it was her until … Continue reading short ramble

what is this life

Life isn't a competition about who's doing worse. It often feels like it is, but it really isn't - or at least it shouldn't be. Maybe it's surprising that I chose to say competition about who's doing worse, rather than a competition about who's doing better. Everyone wants to do better, to some extent at … Continue reading what is this life

a smattering of colours and moods

Fall is actually really beautiful. It's easy to forget to see the beauty in everything around me. But once in a while I breathe and suddenly notice how intense the colours are - the perfectly blue sky with hints of white, the red-brown leaves, the green grass, the brightness of the day, the pastel of … Continue reading a smattering of colours and moods

inching is a verb; why isn’t centimetring one too?

do you ever suddenly feel distant from someone you used to be really close to? Like they're inching away slowly but you don't know if you're making it up in your head. And you don't know why and you hope you're making it up. on the flip side: do you ever feel suddenly closer to … Continue reading inching is a verb; why isn’t centimetring one too?

adventures at apt

one I might have already written about this, but anyway. One rainy winter night in January this year just after the spring semester started, I went to bed in cotton shorts. Now this is a thing I typically do not do. Casey and I had our heaters on. Then my alarm rang and I woke … Continue reading adventures at apt

back in berk, and some thoughts from before

{1:34 am GMT+8, Aug 4, 2018} I saw this tweet just now that said something along the lines of "don't feel insecure just because I don't post as much about you as I do about other friends" and I AGREE I post a lot more about certain friends and not at all about some of … Continue reading back in berk, and some thoughts from before

descriptive titles are for the unadventurous, and you’re adventurous

I want to write. Not because I have anything to say. Just because. This is why my writing usually becomes awfully pretentious. I mean, I am. Pretentious. It's not just my writing. When I was applying to college I kept trying to sum myself up into a few words and zexin told me then that … Continue reading descriptive titles are for the unadventurous, and you’re adventurous

holidays, then a detour

Being at home has this unwavering ability to trick my brain into thinking that I'm on holiday, despite the fact that I'm really not. Or shouldn't be, at least. I just happen to be working from here. Supposed to be, at least. It's kinda strange when I think about it because I used to spend hours upon … Continue reading holidays, then a detour