Sunday morning

[Sunday, June 17 2018, 3:18a.m.] You know, there are some things I don't know. For example, I'm not sure don't know why I'm up at 3:18 a.m. on a Sunday morning browsing the internet. I created a twitter account (also don't know why I did that) on impulse and proceeded to request to follow the … Continue reading Sunday morning


f is for fun

We've had this conversation before. Many times. About feeling like you're doing enough. About comparing, and feeling like you'll never become successful like those people who are interested in and doing the right things that'll help them become successful and make lots of┬ásome money. About believing that to be busy is good, and to not … Continue reading f is for fun

3 a.m. rambles

[June 16, 2018] (edited July 8) there exist so many phrases to describe control freaks. i wonder if i am in fact one. maybe i'm trying to control someone's life because i can't control mine. A lack of control does scare me. There's this phrase: jangan jaga tepi kain orang. There's this other phrase: don't … Continue reading 3 a.m. rambles

Right, now write.

When my writing professor assigned us our first paper my freshman fall, she was careful not to offend anyone, saying she knew we'd all written papers in high school and she wasn't trying to take away from the skills we'd developed but she just wanted to go slow. I looked around and saw nods all … Continue reading Right, now write.

a layover

{May 14, 8:05 am GMT+8, Taipei} Taiwan is warm. I'm back in the land where bathroom slits are minuscule and I find myself walking on the wrong side again - how tables have turned. When I first went to the US nine months ago one of the first things I noticed was the unnecessarily humongous … Continue reading a layover

freshman year ended?

Yes. You read that right. A full two semesters have passed me by. And so much has changed.* I don't think it's really sunk in yet. I was talking to Amy after (and before) physics final and she seemed so overwhelmed by a whole year being over. And Reini and Susan and Nicole. For all … Continue reading freshman year ended?

butterscotch and chocolate chip cookies

I don't have anything to say, really. I just wanted to write. I bought an egg tart this morning. A homeless man stopped me on the street asking if I had any spare change and I gave him the tart. He seemed very surprised. I don't know why I did that. I usually just walk … Continue reading butterscotch and chocolate chip cookies